Friday, August 27, 2010

Pet Fashion Week NY 2010

Pet Fashion week is an industry trade show held at the Metropolitian Pavillion in NYC, it is a great venue showcasing awesome luxury brand pet products. The show is only open to industry buyers and media and not to the public. Sorry!

For those of you who don't know, I exhibited at the show launching my first pet clothing line Roxy and LuLu "Urban Doggie Wear" in 2008. Actually I was pretty excited and a little nervous with this being my "first" public appearance. Before my pet clothing line came to life, I was primarily know for designing Swarovski crystal pet collars which are all hand made collars catering to all different size pooches.

This year I decided not to exhibit, but instead attended as a visitor with
my dear friend Tania who is the owner of Poochie Glam, (a luxury pet SPA in Laval catering to small and mid size dogs).

The moment we walked in the door up the staircase, we immediately found ourselves in a world of pet bliss with the caramel hard wood flooring and white drapes separating all the vendors not to mention all the beautiful product lines.

As we walked a little further into the room, it was literally 3 minutes when I heard someone call my name. It was my dear friend Rose, mommy to Penny Lane and Lily Pads (who you see in the above photos) I was so excited to see her and her girls! Even though we keep in contact through email, telephone and facebook, I haven't seen her in person since 2008.
Not only was I ecstatic to reconnect with her, I was proud to see her girls wearing my R&L glam dresses! More so, Zara and Gianna, a friends 2 cavalier king charles spaniels were also strutting around the venue in R&L damask harness dresses from my Haute Couture Collection. Right then and there, I have to say this made my day and this was just minutes entering the venue.

Of course it wasn't too long before I felt like a celeb with a large gathering of NY friends with their celeb pups that I had also met 2 years prior, totally surrounding us like paparazzi. We kissed and hugged and took tones of pictures for our scrap books. I was extremely pleased to see all these old friends and met quite a few new ones in person, whom I had already connected with through Facebook. Among these wonderful people are, Rose Russo (mommy to celeb pups Penny Lane & Lily Pads from America's Next Top Dog, The Princess), Rick Caran (daddy to Little Jilli dog, the famous poker playing pup), J Mikel Sacher, owner of FUR, Marie, (mommy to Bocker Labradoodle, a pup who can be found all over the media), Ada Nieves who is into just about everything and been seen on the Martha Stewart show (also mommy to 5 little chi's and a kitty), and Karen Biehl (mommy to the famous Milk Bone dog, Eli)

As the day moved on, we got to visit and chat with a lot of vendors, some old and quite a few new ones and got to see first hand all the new products coming out for the Fall 2010 season. By the end of the day we were hungry and wiped out, ready to hit a restaurant and a good glass of wine!

All in all it was an awesome day once again. I look forward to seeing my pawsi soon when I return to NYC in the near future!

Metropolitian Pavillion NYC, August 2010

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Bocker the Labradoodle said...

Wonderful. Great to have so many terrific friends.

From Trendy Fashion to Crystal Dog collars......