Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Product Spotlight: Roxy and Lulu's "Urban Jungle" Crystal Collars.

Salt Lake City Examiner

Roxy and Lulu, a Canadian doggie wear and accessory company, offers "Animalistic Bling" in their Urban Jungle collars. These hand set collars and leads are made with genuine Swarovski Crystals.

The Canadian designer, Lucy Medeiros, has a strong background in fashion design. She had a children's wear company before starting Roxy and Lulu in 2006. The company was inspired by her little blonde yorkie, Roxie. Lulu is a name Lucy was called herself as a child.

We tried out the pink camouflage crystal collar in the 16" size. This is one gorgeous collar that is sure to turn heads. It has classic luxury appeal and has been seen on celebrity dogs, Leroy and Star, on the CBS show, "Greatest American Dog."

Since each collar is hand set by Lucy herself, no two designs are exactly alike. The buckle has crystal detail that matches the main design. In addition to the pink that we tried, Roxy and Lulu offers different colors as well as tiger, leopard and zebra crystal designs.

These posh collars come in sizes that would fit a very small teacup dog to large that would fit a Saint Bernard. Glam is for dogs of all sizes! No one need miss out on having a something extra pretty to wear.

This is such a stunning collar, you may just want to wear it yourself as a choker. I did. Matching leads are also available.

There are three collections that Roxy and Lulu carries in the Swarovski crystal collars; Urban Jungle, Birthstone Glam and Trendy Posh.

The bonding glue that is used to affix the crytals to the collar is very strong, but if you do lose a crystal or two, a few extra are included.

In the photo, Alexandra's beautiful furry baby girl TASHI.

Source: Alexandra Blantyre, Salt Lake City examiner.com

In addition to writing for the Salt Lake City Examiner, Alexandra has a keen eye for talent representing some extremely gifted pet Artists.
She is also the creator of "Little Dog Parties" for pooches under 30lbs, so if you're looking to celebrate your furry companion be sure to visit her website.

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